Success is too small to be your life’s dream…

How do you define success?

Would you consider yourself a success?

Why or why not?


Looking up success on Google I found this…

In order to achieve something, I think it’s important to define it with clarity.  Looking at the definitions above, you can observe that success is based on outcomes rather than the process and this suggests that we can’t be successful UNTIL we’ve accomplished, attained or achieved the goals we have set for ourselves.  Further, I believe that looking at success in this way is externally focused – dependent on other people, profits or popularity rather than the process of personal development.

So why is this important?

It’s important because when we talk to people about success, we need to be able to agree on what success actually means.  For me, I want to be able to “be successful” not for just a moment in time when I’ve met or accomplished a goal, but more importantly during the whole process in which I undertake to carry me through to it’s completion.  It is not my aim to redefine success, I just want to make it clear when I speak to people that “success” to me encompasses more than just an outcome, but rather the totality of the process itself.  By defining success in this way, you should be able to consider yourself a success as long as you are actively pursuing a course to achieving a desirable outcome.

So what is this process of becoming successful?

The process, starts with refining our integrity.  Having integrity is the cornerstone of a successful life.  It means that we conduct ourselves and all that we do with honesty, ambition and dedication to a worthwhile endeavor.  This quality of integrity is ALWAYS under our complete control and that means that it is a fundamental part of being successful throughout the passage of time.

Now it is true that we aren’t always honest.  We may fail from from time-to-time.  But in order to be successful, we must preserve our integrity and admit our mistakes.  Although this is difficult, there cannot be success without integrity.  Having integrity defines our character and this is a noble path to pursue in business as well as our own personal lives.

The second step of the process is how we deal with others – our community.  Although we can’t control how others think, act or behave, we are always in control of how we treat them.  Being polite, honest and serving others that we come into contact with daily is the second part of building a successful life.  When we treat others well, and serve them unselfishly, we can build upon the success we started with integrity.

The third stage of the process is seen through our accomplishments.  In other words it’s the result of achieving our goals.  To be successful, as I have defined it, means that this can only be done after completing the first two stages of the process.  Again, I have chosen to define success as a process rather than an outcome.  By doing this, I have eliminated a lot of problems that I have observed in my own life as well as those I’ve seen in the lives of others.

According to the definition of success based solely on outcomes, we miss the first two steps of the process. – integrity and relationships.  But I believe that no outcome or accomplishment can be defined as successful if it costs you to compromise your integrity or a relationship that’s important to you.  To skip the first two steps of the process of success, means that you have cheated the system and likely have found no true fulfillment or success in the outcome.

For more than five years I have struggled to learn how to define “success” in a way that made sense to me.  If you enjoyed this article and would like to learn more, there is a video series that outlines this whole process in much greater detail called, “How To Live A Home Run Life“.

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