Learn about Financial Freedom by playing Video Games.

There are few games that can teach you about what it takes to achieve financial freedom as well as Cashflow and Money Race 2.  The reason for this is because these games allow you to learn how to convert your earned income that you receive as an employee to passive and/or portfolio income that you receive as a business owner or investor.  The games are fast and free – and are best when played as a group because everyone seems to approach their financial decisions in a different way.

Now it is interesting when playing this game to discuss and identify your emotions and rationale for either investing or passing up on business deals.  As you play this game more and more, you should challenge yourself to take or manage risk in different ways so that you can learn how to apply these strategies in your own life.

Years ago, I remember driving over an hour to get to a friends home who enjoyed playing this game as much as my wife and I did.  We would spend hours talking about the decisions we made, why we made them, what happened as a result of our decision, whether we learned anything as a result of stepping out of our “comfort zone” and how we might apply what we learned to our life.

In one game, I pulled an opportunity card that outlined a vending business that looked outstanding to me.  I made the investment, not only in the game, but also in real life.  At the time, I was actively investing in the market and wanted to keep my investment capital tied up in the automated trading systems that were generating positive and passive cash flow so I decided to use the banks money (I took out a loan) to pay for 25 small bulk candy vending machines.  I hired a locator to secure locations for my machines and started my vending business and using OPM (Other People’s Money) to run one of my first businesses.  This business I have continued to this day, getting bigger machines and managing my cash flow in ways that I learned as a result of playing this game so many years ago.  This business has provided me with an infinite return, many times over and provides me with a passive cash flow that is comparable to many full time jobs that don’t offer the outstanding tax benefits of a small business.

Well, talk is cheap…Let me show and challenge you to learn about this road that you may choose to pursue called “Financial Freedom” through a game called, “Money Race 2” available on Google Play store for Android.

Session 1:  “Would You Take This Deal?

Session 2:  “How I Played This Deal.

Session 3:  “Would You Take This Deal?

Session 4: “How I Played This Deal.

Session 5:  “Review

Session 6:  “Fired

Session 7:  “New Job

Session 8:  “Charity

Session 9:  “Giving and Serving

Session 10:  “Percentage vs. Dollars


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