The Biggest Financial Collapse in History is Coming!!!

I just found this image online…


I don’t know how you will interpret what is shown on this image, but to me, it illustrates that we are in for a tremendous “wake-up call” sometime in the near future.  I cannot say exactly when, but from the size of the derivative market, now Bitcoin (which will continue to expand and enlarge it’s reach – beyond what most people believe).

It has been said that ever since our dollar was taken off the Gold Standard by Richard Nixon in 1972, that our U.S. American dollar is no longer money but rather a fiat currency.  The problem with fiat currency is that there is no limit to how much can be printed…in fact, for the first time in history, all countries are using fiat currencies for trade.  What this means is that even our currency can be thought of as a derivative or an “imaginary” form of money.

As we continue to create this fiat currency out of thin air, we are only pushing forward the eventual destruction of the worldwide economy.  When the next collapse happens, I fear that it may be the biggest and most destructive economic catastrophe that we have ever seen…


If you are a student of history, you have an outstanding opportunity to take advantage of a manipulated market to create wealth for yourself before the bubble pops.  Rather than tell you what I have started doing years ago to prepare, I will allow you to see if you can figure it out yourself.  If you can, you have an amazing investment opportunity RIGHT NOW!

For the right people who know, the clock is ticking.

In investing, there is a saying that it’s better to be 5 years too early than 5 seconds too late.  When this bubble pops, there will be no buyers and even stop-losses on the stocks you own will not protect you from what will happen.  For those who have put all of their hopes in stock and mutual funds, believing the traditional theory of buy and hold long term, God help you!

One last video to help you understand why there is no way that we can ever pay back the debt we owe…

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