Crash Course in Economics

Today, I’d like to share with you two different FREE and extremely powerful instructional video series that have helped change my financial life through EDUCATION.

Both of these courses are called, “Crash Course in Economics”.


The first was created by Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity who is a research scientist that puts together a compelling argument of what is to come in our financial future and how you can take financial advantage of his prognosis.

This is an older course and is quite lengthy.  I’ve shared the condensed version for your review, but in my opinion, it is a MUST VIEW!

The Accelerated Crash Course


The second series, also called “Crash Course in Economics”, has been created by Adriene Hill and Jacob Clifford and takes a lighter approach to teaching you about the economy.  They do a great job of comparing and contrasting financial theory and “real world” application.  This series is more fundamental and a bit easier to understand but moves quite quickly through a complete compendium of financial topics.

Economics Crash Course


So which course is better?


That’s up to you.


My choice, BOTH are fantastic!

Knowledge is power.  Applied knowledge is life changing…make a choice and a positive change in your life!

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