Change Your Influence

As I continued my study, I began to follow and associate myself with others who had accomplished the dream of time and financial freedom that I wanted to accomplish. What I found was that these people thought, acted and spoke a different language than that of the people I had known through work and college.

These people were “expansive” thinkers, looking for the biggest and best ideas that they could find where the application of their ideas would benefit not only themselves, but all involved in the process. These people had networks of friends and associates that they could turn to to get things done quickly and brilliantly because each of their friends and associates was exceptional in their own field.

Instead of trying to build everything themselves, they formed strategic alliances, joint ventures and mastermind groups to help them accomplish their goals. These new friendships that I was creating focused on helping, supporting and encouraging others who had a vision about where they wanted to go.

What my former friends considered to be unfair, my new friends saw as an opportunity to learn more about the way the game was played. Rather than get paid for less than they were worth and being told what they had to do and when, they dedicated themselves to creating teams of people that shared their vision and coordinated a plan by which they could carry it out. These people were not driven by selfish interests, but rather by the need to fulfill a need that was not currently being met. The difference between my two spheres of influence was profound and exhilarating for me!

As I continued to compare and contrast the difference between the “haves” and “have not’s”, I began writing down the opposing ways that they looked at all things that they encountered in life as well as noticing the outcomes of their decisions.


The list goes on and on, but I believe that you have people in your life on both sides of this spectrum. For me, my growth began when I stepped outside of my comfort zone and began assimilating these belief systems into my own life. I used to tell my old friends, that it may be fun to watch your kids ride a roller-coaster, but it is so much more fun and exciting to sit in the seat next to them and experience the ride together!

My final thoughts are these…if you choose to pursue the roller-coaster ride towards financial freedom, you better find a group of friends who is willing to take the ride with you. Look carefully and be aware of the people you choose to associate with as they will have a tremendous impact on your outcome. Seek those who will inspire, encourage, mentor and hold you accountable as you make this journey together with them.

I wish you massive success!

Alan Mohring

“Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting “WOW, what a ride!” – Hunter S. Thompson

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