Are You Rich? $100 Charitable Donation Challenge

I have been making videos of my playing Money Race 2 to share what this simple game can teach us about wealth creation…and on the last move (video #8), we had to consider whether or not we should make a charitable gift or donation.

I stopped the video before making my move and asked you this very question…Do you give to charity?

Well, it depends…right?

When I sit in church and watch the basket pass around, I see people throw in a couple bucks…that’s giving right?  Some people may not give, but that’s just because they’re not rich, it’s not their time to give.  The people who should give are the people who have plenty of money…right?

Let me ask you a question?

Are you rich?

Take a look to see if you are right (video #9) and share your thoughts with me…if I’m wrong and you can prove it, I will pay you $100…If I am right, I will give $100 to the person/charity of your choice if you are willing to respond.  The best post will be chosen as the winner after at least 100 responses are given.  Please help me by sharing this post if there is someone or some charity that you feel would be impacted by receiving this gift.

I will verify my donation with the person/charity by sharing an image of my check and/or receipt on this blog post along with the post that they shared which earned them the donation.

p.s.  Please be aware of what you are thinking while considering this challenge…

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